Freelancing Services

032211_VikkiSpencer_195F_WEBHiring a Writer

Everyone has a message. But not everyone is understood.

Vikki Spencer helps message bearers communicate core ideas with pizazz and sparkle, or professional pride and influence,  or humor and encouragement. Projects dictate the tone, scope and intention of each piece.


$25 an hour  (or, 30 min. increments)

$40/ hour for resumes and/or cover letters


Proofreading – I’ve got it. Right?

Editing – Here’s what I have. Make it unforgettable.

Copy Writing – I have a few or no ideas. This needs to be written. Here you go. 

Resume and/or Cover Letter:   I’ve got this. Help me show it.

Experience Includes:

Radio copy for WBFJ-FM, Winston-Salem, NC

Article”Breakfast at Ganache”, September/ October 2008, North Carolina Signature magazine

Former High School English Teacher

Former Community College Business English Teacher

Miscellaneous: writer’s conferences, stacks of journals, and hoards of pens

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you do web copy, SEO wording, brochures, business cards, resumes, newsletters, articles? 


What else? 

Edit ebooks, articles, rough drafts of college papers, blog posts, dating site profiles, and the occasional love letter or email. Spellchecking is a Facebook hobby.

What do you NOT do?

No legal paperwork, no breakup emails, no resignation letters, and no college paper writing.




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