Snow Prep – North vs. South



This first photo is a nod to all my Yankee friends who are prepping for “Nemo” the huge blizzard hitting the Northeast today.

This photo¬† is how I prepped for a Southern “snowstorm” 3 weeks ago that left us with .5 inches.

What’s pathetic is not that I hit the donut aisle in the gas station (that’s where the DD’s are here, not their own fancy buildings except for one -30 min. away). What’s pathetic is at the end of January, they still have Xmas boxes because they didn’t sell enough donuts to change the box.

Okay. I’ll be honest. What’s really pathetic is that I filled the box with a double layer. I endured the stares of people trying to pay for gas and get cigarettes, the smirky laughter of the man behind the register as if he’s never sold 24 DD donuts before.

Forget them all. All they have is bread and milk. For what?  Peanut butter and jelly or french toast? Not us. We go all the way, baby!

We built a nice fire, had a great dinner with friends, and left the box open the rest of the evening… made it through breakfast and just like the snow that fell, nothing left by 10am.